29 Nov 2021

A new image

Reading time: 3 minutes

For a company like Advinser, growth and renewal are fundamental components: our top goal has always been to give our customers the solutions they want, staying ahead of the times and blazing new trails. Advinser operates in the IT sector, where, today more than ever, the ability to adapt, change and innovate is essential. This is why we have chosen to tell the story of our strategy, and our desire to improve through a new image.


A company that looks to the future

It's not just a change of clothes, though. Over the years, the team has acquired new professional skills, thanks to our strong focus on young people and their growth. A dynamic vision of work, partly achieved thanks to the transfer of our head offices to a state-of-the-art space, in one of the economic hubs of our centre.

The new image of Advinser conveys all of this: with a simple but incisive graphical image, we have synthesised our momentum and projection towards an already achievable future. The new colours reflect the paradigm shift, almost a negative of the colours that identified our company until recently. A rebirth, a change of skin that also entails a strong sense of continuity.


Our team

The Advinser team has chosen to tell their stories through the animal kingdom. As in Aesop's fairytales, the image of an animal, of a spirit guide acts as an allegory capable of representing the approach of each member of the team to their sector and work. Individuality balanced with the ability to cooperate, helping and supporting each other, in a form of symbiosis, within a habitat where everyone has their role and their space.


Advinser: novelty and continuity

New look, new image, new graphics. Everything new, then? Although many elements have changed, what remains is the unshifting will to offer our customers stability, reliability, and the guarantee of a job carried out with dedication and respect. Because even though we at Advinser know the value of growth and renewal, we also understand that, if we have come this far, we owe it above all else to the relationship of trust that we have built over the years with you, our partners and our customers.

Because it can change its image and colour, but remains Advinser at heart. With its identity.

Advinser. That’s IT.