Since 2021 Advinser is a partner of Qlik!

Advinser's Business Intelligence team stands out for its specialization in the creation of intuitive, scalable and advanced dashboards using associative and NoSQL technologies. Our mission is to support clients at all stages of the process, from ETL design to the implementation of the presentation, ensuring the ease of interpreting business data.

Strategic Business Intelligence for Utilities and Fashion

In the world of Business Intelligence, Advinser focuses on the Utilities and Fashion sectors, fully understanding the specific challenges and needs of these areas. It is crucial to overcome the technological approach and focus on real business goals. The right questions to ask are:

  • Why implement a BI system?
  • What are the business objectives?
  • What items are at stake?
  • Where are we now and where are we going?
  • What can we discover through BI that we don't yet imagine?

This is where Business Discovery begins, a process that goes beyond answering known questions, prompting us to ask questions that emerge from data analysis.

Fundamentals of Qlik Business Discovery:
  • Freedom of analysis: we abandon structural constraints, allowing free and modular navigation of data.
  • Business orientation: our BI solutions are designed to meet real business needs.

Choosing Advinser & Qlik as a your partner, you can have access to intuitive dashboards and focus on key analytical results through vertical solutions.
For Utilities:

  • Billing Analysis
  • Credit Management Analysis
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Asset Analysis
  • Analysis Consignments Credit
  • Rate Electric Analysis
  • Rateo Gas Analysis
  • Curve Receipts Analysis
  • Return Plans Analysis
  • Contracts Analysis

For Fashion:

  • Credit Analysis
  • Retail Analysis
  • Automatic Forecasting Analysis
Our Business Intelligence goes beyond expectations, turning data into strategic business decisions!