and Smart Cities

Advinser has been active for many years in the building of Ecommerce sites and has experience in various sectors, such as tourist accommodation, consumer electronics, design, ready-to-wear, accessories and leather goods.
With all our projects, we either take care of the UX|UI ourselves, or work with the customer's designers to implement the platform (proprietary or third-party) and integrate all the systems needed for Ecommerce (DAM, PIM, logistics and different payment systems).

Thanks to this experience, we've developed a platform for the management of accommodation, museums, beach facilities, events booking and access. We also enabled the institutional Ecommerce channel for natural shopping centres for Smart Cities.

In detail, our platform allows city councils to manage bookings and ticketing for local facilities and events, and also provides an Ecommerce channel - fully integrated with all the city's activities - where store owners can display and sell their goods.