and Blockchain

Advinser has gained specific, in-depth expertise in writing smart contracts for Ethereum-based blockchains, specifically to produce permissioned tokens customised to clients' requirements.

This expertise, gained from numerous projects with important fashion brands, preceded the design of the Web3 module on the LightShift platform.
Using Web3, LightShift enables the automation of communication processes between blockchain and classic applications. The platform provides an abstraction layer towards chain providers via Web API.

With our architecture, it's possible to automate processes that would otherwise have to be handled manually, such as bulk NFT mints, by decoupling the minting requests from the actual response time of the chain and by providing the customer with a transaction monitoring system. The platform acts as an abstraction layer towards smart contracts engineered by Advinser or third parties.

We design custom DApps and smart contracts, including ERC721, ERC1155 and ERC720, compatible with the Ethereum Mainnet and Polygon POS networks.
For specific needs, we can build private blockchains and associated services.