CORPORATE 10/04/2024
IQControl: the new Quality Control software for the Fashion industry.
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Innovate your approach to Quality Control with Advinser.

In the fashion industry, ensuring product quality is crucial for brand reputation and customer satisfaction.

Advinser presents IQControl, an innovative software designed to optimise quality control activities in production, ensuring flawless processes and defect-free products.


Fashion Sector Needs.

Production in the fashion industry requires strict quality control to maintain standards of excellence and meet customer expectations. However, manually managing this process on a large scale can be inefficient and prone to human error.

  • Standardisation of quality: standardisation is essential to maintain efficiency and consistency in production.

  • Defect reduction: defects can compromise product quality and damage brand reputation.

  • Product traceability: traceability is essential to ensure product conformity and safety.


Solution: IQControl


IQControl offers a complete solution for managing and optimising quality control in garment production. Thanks to its advanced features, the software allows you to:

  • Identify the activities with the highest risk: focus inspections where they are really needed, identifying the production activities with the highest error rate.

  • Collaborate in real time: supervisors and checkers can collaborate from desktop or mobile devices, ensuring smooth and immediate communication.

  • Monitor suppliers: IQControl allows suppliers' performance to be closely monitored, identifying and resolving problems promptly.

  • Integrate with business systems: easily integrated with ERP, PLM and PDM management systems, IQControl adapts to the specific needs of each company.

Results and benefits.

The implementation of IQControl brings numerous tangible benefits for fashion companies:

  • Reduction of errors and rework: minimise production defects and errors to ensure the quality of the finished product.

  • Increased efficiency and reduced waste: optimise quality control procedures to improve overall production efficiency.

  • Speeding up controls: speed up quality control processes to save time and costs.

  • Availability of quality data: immediate access to crucial data and information to make informed and strategic decisions.

  • Centralised and decentralised management: flexibility to manage quality control activities in a centralised or decentralised manner, depending on the company's specific needs.

With IQControl, companies in the fashion industry can improve the quality of their products, increase customer satisfaction and consolidate their market position, while remaining competitive in the ever-changing industrial landscape.


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