The evolution of data: Qlik, a renewed brand and Advinser at the heart of the transformation!
The evolution of data: Qlik, a renewed brand and Advinser at the heart of the transformation!
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Advinser and Qlik: a strategic partnership from 2021

The evolution of the data market is revealed through Qlik's new brand, and Advinser is at the heart of this transformation.

Since choosing Qlik as our Business Intelligence partner, we have distinguished ourselves by offering intuitive, scalable and advanced dashboards for Utilities, Fashion and Manufacturing sectors.

Qlik's dashboards are highly interactive and customisable, allowing users to explore complex data with advanced visualisations, real-time updates and a clear and intuitive overview of business information.


Driving change: Mike Capone's vision

In his recent compelling article, Mike Capone, CEO of Qlik, shares a bold and enlightening perspective on the future of data analytics and the fundamental role this discipline plays in the evolution of modern businesses.

Capone promotes the transformation of data into action to generate tangible value. This involves not only collecting and analysing data, but also the ability to draw meaningful conclusions and make strategic decisions based on data analysis, embracing change and taking a data-centric approach to converting information into action.

With Advinser and Qlik as partners, businesses can meet this challenge with confidence and proactively drive change.

The new Qlik Brand: Innovation and Clarity

Qlik revolutionises the brand to adapt to the market, promising innovative and clear solutions. The new identity emphasises innovation, with a commitment to change the use of data. The green logo symbolises growth and adaptability. The website makes data analysis more accessible, highlighting Qlik's commitment to cutting-edge technologies


A new chapter in data analysis with Advinser and Qlik

This new era of data is an opportunity to drive change and get real results.

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