CORPORATE 08/01/2024
The victory of Advinser Basket Asciano: a success that excites
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The new year marks a milestone for Advinser with the conquest of the Coppa Toscana - Trofeo Bugliesi

Advinser Basket Asciano has written a glorious page in the history of sport and our company. The new year began with a memorable triumph, with the team that won the prestigious Coppa Toscana - Trofeo Bugliesi.


There was really a lot of participation during the 'Final Four' of the 'Trofeo Bugliesi', the Tuscan Cup reserved for Regional Division 1 teams. The matches were played in the sports hall of Affrico Basket, the organising club, which was completely filled for both the final and the two semifinals.


In the end, Advinser Basket Asciano lifted the trophy after overcoming the hosts with a score of 64-55, bringing joy to the numerous fans who came to support their favourites. During the semifinals, Filippo Totaro's team had defeated the Carrara Legends, in a confrontation characterised by great balance, as witnessed by Asciano's mere two-point lead, 45-43, at the final siren. In the meantime, Affrico had taken advantage of the court factor by overcoming another team from the province of Siena, Monteroni, with a score of 62-56.

The match was much more than an exciting confrontation; it was a display of extraordinary athletic ability, determination and exceptional team spirit. In addition to the hard work on the field and intense training, winning the Tuscan Cup was the result of an unstoppable will to overcome every obstacle.


Andrea Tommasi, CFO of Advinser, expresses the success with pride: "This victory goes beyond pure sporting ability. It highlights the importance of the values that are at the heart of Advinser: dedication, cohesion and passion. It is a triumph that reflects our commitment to excellence, extending to every aspect of life, including sporting events".


Advinser Basket Asciano proves that finals are not just played, but won! This success not only celebrates athletic prowess, but also symbolises the deep connection between sporting passion and corporate commitment. A triumph that goes beyond the digital, embracing the strength of a cohesive and determined team.